HGV Licence

Train with us and qualify for your relevant HGV licence category

We focus on providing all of our students individual attention and train them from scratch in order to get them ready for their HGV licence assessment. We specialise in HGV training and through that our students have managed to pass their licence test in the first attempt. We have a pass rate of 99% and our instructors are confident about training individuals who are determined to get their HGV licence in hand.

We at the New Wave Driving School train you to pass your medical, theoretical and practical HGV licence test with ease. Our comprehensive knowledge about logistics industry has widened our vision towards the requirements of a good HGV driver. Our HGV training introduces you to many new opportunities and allows you to get your hands on more advanced licence categories each time you want to exceed in your career.

HGV Licence

“New Wave Driving School helped me train for my HGV licence and pass without a problem. They make the whole process simple and easy. Thank you!”

An Overview of our HGV Licence Training

From day one of our training we encourage you to feel that you already are a professional at work. This gets your motivational level high up and helps you to grasp things better and perform with an adequate amount of proficiency.

HGV theory test demands you to hold an extensive knowledge about the rules and regulations of the road. Our instructors spend a decent amount of time in order to tell you each and every detail of the laws and rules for being on the road.

How does your HGV Licence benefit you?

Our LGV training boosts up your chances of getting a CAT C licence in your first attempted test. Once you get your hands on your HGV licence, you can easily get a job because you will officially be authorised to drive a heavy vehicle. With your HGV licence you don’t necessarily have to stop here, you can always opt for an upgraded licence to drive a PCV.

You can finally start benefitting from numerous rewarding HGV jobs so that you can accomplish the goals in your life through our HGV licence training.

HGV Licence Categories

We provide you exceptional training for a variety of HGV licence categories below:
CAT C Licence (Class 2 Licence) – if you are looking to drive vehicles like tipper trucks, delivery vans and Lorries.
• CAT C+E Licence – suitable for you if you want to drive any vehicle weighing 7.5 tonnes or more with a trailer. This license is to drive heaviest vehicles on the national and international routes.
CAT C1 Licence – great for you if you are looking to drive a vehicle that is of 3500 kg and below 7500 kg in weight.
• CAT C1+E Licence – this goes quite well with your CAT C1 licence. CAT C1+E licence allows you to tow a trailer with a vehicle weighing 3500 kg or 7500 kg.

Requirements for HGV Licence

The first and the foremost requirement is that you must be of at least 18 years of age to qualify for the licence. You will be asked to undergo a medical test which upon clearance will determine that you are physically fit to drive a heavy vehicle. And lastly after sorting out all the documentation you will undergo a theoretical and practical test in order to assess your driving skills and knowledge of the vehicle and the road.
All these things become easy if you are well prepared for them and we at the new wave driving school do just that.

For an uninterrupted HGV training course, feel free to connect with us today so that we can go through your career options and skills that you already have and make something great out of them.

HGV Licence

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